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What happens in a Touch for Health balance?

     First, the TFH practitioner assists the client in setting a goal for the balance session.  This goal is what the client wishes to get out of the session, phrased in a positive manner, for example “My back is comfortable and I move freely and easily.”  Once the goal is set, the client assesses their stress or discomfort in relation to the goal on a scale of 0-10.  This gives the client and practitioner a way to evaluate the success of the balance. 

     During the balance, the client concentrates on the goal.  This enables the practitioner to identify energy imbalances caused by the goal.  This is done using a series of simple muscle tests.  These muscle tests are performed by placing the client’s limbs and body in a range of different positions and applying gentle pressure.   Based on the body’s responses, the TFH practitioner determines which meridians, and corresponding balancing points, should be used to help the body correct the imbalance.   No equipment is required, nor is there any need to undress. The procedure can be done standing up or lying down.  Possible corrections include firm massage on reflex points, light touch on acupressure points and meridian tracing.  Most of these corrections can be done by the client with the direction of the practitioner.