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Touch For Health Classes

All TFH class prices include a $100 non-refundable deposit due at registration. 
16 CE's per class available for Massage Therapists and Nurses.
Cost of CE certificate is included in the price of class.


Touch for Health I - $300 (16 CE's )
This class, like all Touch for Health classes,is based on the Touch for Health system of natural healthcare created by Dr. John Thie.  It is suitable for lay people and professionals.
What you will learn:
     • The skills of muscle testing and
     • How to test each of the 14 primary meridians.
     • The balance-as-you-go method for balancing the body’s energies using spinal reflexes,
        neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular points, and meridians.
     • Skills to improve posture, reduce stress and pain, increase energy and improve mental clarity.


Touch for Health II - $300 (16 CE's) Pre-requisite TFH 1
This class builds on the skills taught in level 1.

What you will learn:
     • 14 new muscle tests and additional balancing techniques
     • The Law of Five Elements and the meridian wheel
     • How to find the preferred balancing technique and improve efficiency
     • How to detect over energy
     • How to balance the core
     • Several self-balancing techniques
     • Techniques for pain control and supportive nutrition


Touch for Health III - $300 (16 CE's) Pre-requisite TFH 1 and 2
This class builds on the skills taught in levels 1 and 2.

What you will learn:
     • 14 new muscle tests and more new balancing techniques
     • Five Elements Theory in more depth and applied to
     • Balancing with color and emotions
     • Highly effective pain techniques for recent and chronic pain using pulses and tapping
     • Postural balancing and the interrelationship of the muscles through
        gaits and reactive muscle patterns


Touch for Health IV - $300 (16 CE's) Pre-requisite TFH 1,2,and 3
This course teaches you how to put everything you have learned in the previous three classes together and introduces some valuable new techniques. 

What you will learn:

     • How to balance all 42 muscles both standing and lying down
     • How to balance using sound, emotions, Luo points and
        acupressure holding points
     • How to balance using nutrition
     • More practice on reactive muscles
     • The Tibetan figure eight energies
     • The powerful postural stress release technique