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Top Ten Pain Releasers

$155 including a $50 non-refundable deposit due at registration.
8 CE's available for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Acupucturists and Personal Trainers.
Cost of CE certificate is included in the price of class.

     Stress and pain from physical and emotional issues are unfortunately, common ailments for people. In this class, students will learn simple and very effective ways of dealing with these issues. The techniques come from many disciplines, including Touch for Health and energy healing.  Many of the techniques are self-balancing techniques, so they can be used at any time. 

     Students will learn techniques for releasing emotional stress, relieving neck tension in under a minute, releasing muscle cramps and spasms in a matter of seconds, increasing energy and promoting relaxation. The use of music for relieving pain, stress, tension and fatigue is also taught, as well as a technique for relieving pain and tension due to overuse or injury. Students will also learn basic muscle testing as part of some of the techniques. 

     This class will provide you with natural, efficient tools to help yourself and others. It is also a great introduction to kinesiology and energy healing techniques.