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Group Balance Workshop

(Cost for this workshop is $20 per person.)

         If you are curious about energy work, then this workshop is a perfect way to try it out.  It is the chance to have some fun with friends and learn what happens in an energy balancing session.  Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to experience a full balance! 

So what is a Group Balance Workshop? 

          Here is how it works, everyone sits in a circle and connects to the person next to them.  You can touch feet, or knees or hold hands if you want to, just as long as you are making contact with your neighbor.  This allows the energy to connect and flow around the circle.  (I will do a fun demo of how this works during class.) Then one lucky person gets to be the surrogate for the group and be my muscle testing partner.  The responses we get through the muscle testing will tell us what we need to do to shift the energy of the whole group.  It is a really cool and interesting process and it makes for a very fun evening!  Added bonus…you will feel great when you leave!


Still unsure?  Check out what these first timers are saying about their experience…

 Never having participated in a group balance before, I'll admit I was unsure and a bit skeptical that I would feel changed when it was over. Wow! For me, my first experience was full of surprises and beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Exposed to me was how the group's collective energy could impact my individual energy, lead to unexpected emotions and provide me with more peace and balance. Best of all, though, was that I personally witnessed how my own energy was essential to the balance and healing of someone else in the room whom I had never met before.

It was an informative, interesting and rewarding experience.  


The group leader, Valerie, made me feel instantly at peace when I arrived for the workshop. The atmosphere was relaxing and comforting. Valerie gave attention to the small group that attended, as well as individual attention to my personal needs. Afterwards I felt balanced and whole. I would highly recommend a group balance session from Butterfly Holistics.  


Private Group Balance Party

           Host a Private Group Balance Workshop at your home. Invite your friends and share a relaxing and enlightening evening!  Attendance is limited to between 5 and 20 people. 

Call for pricing.  919-602-3173.