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Welcome to Butterfly Holistics!

     Tired of experiencing Pain, Stress, Fatigue, and Emotional Issues?  Stop the cycle!  Your experience at Butterfly Holistics will help you take control of your health and wellbeing.      

     Holistic Healing can supplement traditional health care and enhance wellness and wellbeing for many people.  In some cases the holistic approach can work where standard health care has failed.  The more you know about all your health care and wellness options the more likely you are to make good choices. 

     Stress, whether physical, emotional or biochemical can cause energy imbalances in the body.  Energy work can help to clear these imbalances and promote health and well being.  Butterfly Holistics offers private energy balancing sessions as well as training in Reiki and Touch for Health.  To learn more about these modalities, please follow the links on this page. 

     Don't stay a caterpillar.   Learn about and utilize the holistic approach to living and reach your full potential!!